Colin Jones

Colin Jones

ThanKs very much 4 seeing me at your convenience Monday 9th May...
ThanK-You 4 the Treatment and considered improvement in Head Comfort...
I felt an immediate improvement in health and use the term 'considered' in the
last sentence as I have used many channels to resolve pain issues with no
noticeable results...So yes I do unfortunately lack genuine conviction that any
treatments can be successful...? ?
Even though sometimes I do not trust...For realistic reasons that I have tried many
variations of health treatments without realistic positive results...I have been searching
for remedies for back & head discomfort for a very, very, long time (at least 18 years)
perceiving that there must be a remedy somewhere....?
I have searched & searched without result....

My very...very GooD Friend Ian 'MaC' McArthur referred your services after you treated
him for an ongoing health issue....

I would like to give anything a go that could improve my health conditions regarding both back
& head pain which has been very intense and very uncomfortable for many, many years.

On your 1st assessment I informed you of my ongoing back & head pain which I have
been carrying for an untold period of time....

After my 1st consultation and treatment I became highly aware of highly increased comfort within the area of my lower right back undergoing question...Now after at least 4 weeks I am
now very, very confident that you have addressed my issue with positive effect...?

On Monday 9th May 2016 you Kindly made yourself personally available (out of your normal business hours)...to address the issues that I had regarding ongoing constant head pain which has become increasingly unacceptable over the many years under sufferance....?
As in your primary treatment regarding my back area pain...I became aware of
'Comfortable' conditions within the area of my head undergoing question instantaneously...

As I previously mentioned I find it hard to trust...But 3 whole days after treatment I feel increasingly decreased pain within my head...'Acceptable' and more 'Comfortable' than for many years...

After leaving your premises in Bellingen...NSW...Australia...Including nearly one whole day on an aeroplane returning to the UK, which is normally very painful on both counts of head & back discomfort...I have increased confidence that both issues of my back & head discomfort have now been addressed in a very, very satisfactory manner...?

I will keep you posted & 'in the picture' regarding my future health conditions and how my standard and quality of life has now been affected...??

In advance I ThanK-You very much 4 your help and input regarding my health condition and
my now resulting quality of life which I hope with confidence to last for a long time into the future....! ?☑
For another person suffering Chronic Pain Issues who would be able to meet with your services
in your locality in Australia I would make instant recognition of your capabilities and help
which I have witnessed 1st hand with all appreciation....?

ThanK-You once again...(Your Job in life must bring you a distinct measure of joy and happiness when your hear how you have aided another one with positive affect...️)

4 Sure the best AU$185 that I could have Positively "Invested"...!!!





Jenny Diamond


It's reassuring to know that there are people like Mark (Dr B) who work at a level of authenticity and integrity with the whole body. I have suffered ongoing neck pain (old injuries) for many years and found Mark has worked wonders alleviating pain and restriction and at the same time, realigning and re-balancing my whole body.
                   Very best wishes


Janet Ahrens
Woolworths Employee, Mother
Coffs Harbour


Firstly, I want to acknowledge and sincerely thank Dr. Mark Borsuk for the healing I have experienced since my first consultation, over four years ago. Since that time, my whole family has trusted Mark with a wide array of health issues, including physical health, mental health and recovery from serious injury. I am still amazed at how he does it, but I can honestly say, I undoubtedly put my complete trust in his judgement.

I had frequented Chiropractors in the past, but I found the results were usually very short- lived, and I simply couldn’t afford to revisit every week or so. I was in desperate need for something to relieve the pain in my neck and my head that had been with me for months and I was maxing-out on pain killers every day.

My first consultation with Mark seemed a bit weird, the way he tested my muscle strength to diagnose the underlying cause. The treatment was simple enough though, and I had nothing to lose by giving it a go. Three weeks limiting certain foods. That simple! I was remarkably better within the first week, and after three weeks, all of my pain had disappeared and I felt better than I had for years.

Sometime later, I spoke to Mark about how I questioned whether I may have been misdiagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and that I wanted to stop taking the antidepressants and mood stabilizers that I had been taking for many years. I felt sluggish a lot of the time, and I didn’t feel they were of any benefit to me. I asked my Doctor to give me a plan to gradually reduce my medication.

Mark kept a close eye on me through this transition period as I came off the medication. I didn’t know what to expect, and I was a bit scared at the time. It has been two years now, since I have taken any regular medication at all and I haven’t looked back.

Dr Borsuk conducts himself in a professional manner, with the highest level of integrity. He is caring and non-judgemental and I am so grateful for all he has done for myself and for my family.


Sage Joske
Surfboard Designer
Valla Beach


I have seen Dr Mark on a few occasions concerning the lower back and other issues. I am impressed with his understanding of the body and his explanation of what he is doing during the treatments. But most importantly the treatments have worked well for me.


Ian “Mac” McArthur
Mac Art Jewellery


I have known Dr Mark Borsuk for just over two years, I first went to Mark for an excruciating pain in my hip, thigh & knee which would occur usually in the middle of the night.  General Medical Practitioners could not find anything wrong and could only prescribe pain killers.  The pain was so intense at times, it would cause me to double-over and I could only get relief by waking up and sitting up.  Dr. Mark was able to diagnose the problem and provide me with relief on the first visit, needing no further medication.

I now see Dr Mark with even slight problems as I realize that early intervention makes an early cure more effective. Mark gives clear concise explanations which are easy to understand and makes my body an ongoing education in how it functions when working properly. I thoroughly recommend Dr Mark for any pains and otherwise unsolved ailments.


Vicki Coombes
Medical Office Manager, National Badged Netball Umpire
Coffs Harbour


Two years ago I sustained a twisting injury to my right knee with accompanying swelling, stiffness and pain. The pain, swelling and immobility I experienced was at the same level as when I had torn the cartilage in my other knee some years earlier which resulted in surgery and removal of all but a very small piece of cartilage. I was 6 weeks out from umpiring netball at the State Championships in Sydney. With one treatment, Dr Mark Borsuk had reduced my pain significantly. With a second treatment and appropriate exercise, I was able to travel to Sydney and umpire 7 to 8 games a day over a 3 day period with almost no discomfort.

I would recommend Mark for treatment of any musculoskeletal injury or strain.


Knut Meyer
Valla Beach


Having suffered painful and ongoing back problems for years I was relieved to be told about a treatment, kinesiology (human biomechanical movement), of which I had never heard of. My GP advised me to see Mark since conventional medical solutions had little effect.

To be frank, I've never looked back and again resorted to Mark's magic recently when I developed extreme pain in my knee which stopped me doing my daily walks. Four sessions later and all pain has gone and I'm back to normal vigorous walks.
What is so good about this kind of treatment is the gentle nature of its application and well worth a try.”


Shona Walker
Outrigger Canoe Champion, Oncology Nurse
Coffs Harbour


My work can be kind of stressful and to unwind I train hard, it is very important to me. Dr Borsuk is hugely responsible for allowing me to push my body hard and be at my best for competitions.

I have a few issues with my back and shoulder and had tried many chiropractors physiotherapists and massage therapists without much luck. I was taking paracetamol and ibuprofen before every training session to manage the pain (very frustrating).

I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical during my first visit to Mark, but always give the practitioner 3 visits before deciding. By the third visit I noticed a big difference in the pain level in my shoulder. By about the 6th visit I was able to train without the analgesics. That was about six years ago I still rely on Mark to to help me out when my pesky back and shoulder misbehave.

Thank you so much Mark for allowing me to continue to challenge myself physically.

                                                                                                                     Sincerely grateful,


Peter Savage


Following 6 weeks of incapacitation with a lower back problem, and visits to a chiropractor, physio, accupuncturist & remedial masseur, I finally visited Mark. To my amazement he succeeded - my surfing trip was back on! I have since recommended Mark to many friends with back issues, all feedback has been positive.


Mary Bernadette


I never understood or really knew what kinesiology was, until I met Mark. After reading his articles in Bellingen newspaper for some years, I decided to give him a try, as I was presented with a health problem that I couldn’t fix myself. That was five years ago, and now I’m an avid believer and marvel at the accuracy of this practice. Mark has not only helped me with diet adjustments but structural as well. My diet had always been healthy however I didn’t understand the candida issue, which Mark diagnosed at my first consultation. He gave me a better understanding of my diet, which has taken me to a much higher and happy wellbeing.  I also have scoliosis and after being treated by chiropractors for years I now only occasionally see mark, who realigns me without force.  Mark is dedicated and passionate in his field.  His knowledge and hunger for continuing his knowledge with health and wellbeing naturally, is exceptional. Thank you Mark, much Love and Blessings to you and your family.


Mitchell Rae
Shaper, Artist, Proprietor of Outer Island Surfboards


Over a number of years Dr Mark has helped me on a number of occasions in times of physical crisis, when conventional doctors and medicine could not.

When I was stricken with Ross River Fever literally couldn’t put on pair socks, even when seated. The virus had put my body so out of whack. This was my first encounter with kinesiology. Over several treatments he got me mobile and functional again.

More recently I completely incapacitated by a “mystery virus” in Bali, along the lines of Denghi fever. My normal trusted GP had no solutions. Several blood tests confirmed an unidentified viral infection. Dr Mark did several treatments and recommended a specific course of Golden Seal and other natural remedies. It was pernicious, but eventually responded to his treatments.

Initially I was a little sceptical about this little known branch of medical treatment, but over time I’ve come to gain an understanding of the methodology of kinesiology.

Being self-employed and in a toxic, physically demanding occupation I simply can’t afford down time or the luxury of extended periods of recuperation.

I have had amazing results with Dr Mark and highly recommend him and his intuitive, scientific methods to anyone.”


Lloyd Ellis


Being a concrete and construction contractor I regularly work too hard and over strain my arms, shoulders and lower back. I have had remarkable help and generally immediate recovery from Dr Mark Borsuk. His knowledge and results I can highly recommend, he has the gift for real healing.


Maureen Bieder
Piano Teacher


I have been a patient of Mark Borsuk for a number of years, and in my opinion he is one of the best diagnosticians I have encountered. He is well qualified in Kinesiology, and traditional Chiropractic and I would highly recommend Mark to anyone who needs treatment.


 Have received referrals from the following Doctors on New South Wales Mid-North Coast:
Dr. Andrew Heslop M.D.
Dr. Gull Herzberg M.D.

Dr. Robyn Robertson M.D.

Dr. Milli Kelly M.D.
Dr. Kirsty Lane M.D.
Dr. Susan Lumsdaine M.D.
Dr. Trevor Chaney M.D.
Dr. Bob Backhouse D.D.S.

Dr. Mark Smith M.D.

Dr. Helena Johnstone M.D.

Dr. Andrew Lucas M.D.

Dr. Don Kennedy M.D.

Dr. Luke Johnson M.D.