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Having worked with patients here in Australia and overseas there is one thing I have learned about the “Health System”. It’s really not a “Health System” but a system based on “disease care” and run by orthodox medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. This isn’t to say that we’re not grateful for “crisis medicine” which I know I’m grateful for with all its advances; the lives it has saved and prolonged. Yet the current model waits for disease to appear and then treats those symptoms. Then it’s often too late. With so much money, time and emphasis spent on this approach there aren’t many resources left for health and wellness.

It’s your responsibility to look after yourself and find a primary health care practitioner who is qualified to do a thorough holistic assessment. The majority of individuals I treat and consult don’t have a specific disease. Rather, they’re experiencing signs & symptoms of dysfunction. Their body systems are not in balance. Many are fatigued, suffer from bowel disturbances, are gaining fat (not just weight) and are experiencing lots of structural aches and pains. It’s a state of general un-wellness. Sometimes these issues do in fact lead into a disease state if they aren’t addressed. You want to think about prevention.

The articles below discuss some of these “functional imbalances". And if you’ve recently suffered a serious injury then you’ll want to read my handbook titled “H.U.R.T.", the Australian version;  which explains how to speed things along in your recovery. Paying attention to your lifestyle factors is essential. What you eat, your level of exercise, your unique nutritional needs and daily stress levels all need to be assessed if you’re experiencing any of the above signs & symptoms. My goal is help you identify this and to help you attain and maintain a higher quality of life through optimal health and wellness.


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