Teaching Schedule  

   (Part 1) &  (Part 2)  VALLA BEACH   NSW   AUSTRALIA



"FIXING WHAT  H. U. R. T. s"



Everything a Practitioner Needs To Address

on a First Consultation of an acute SHOULDER & NECK INJURY 




* Accurate muscle & ligament testing diagnosis of all involved structures of the    Shoulder Girdle   & Neck

* Finding and instantly fixing neuromuscular imbalances found in muscle sequencing

* Eliminating potentially aberrant signaling to the involved structures to restore complete range-of-motion

* Finding, testing & fixing long-kinematic chains

* How to assess correct neck alignment, a neurological protocol

* Re-setting imbalanced "slow" & "fast" pain receptors to reduce inflammation in surrounding tissue

* Eliminating all receptor-based imbalances in both synergistic / antagonistic    players

* Emergency first visit nutritional testing


COST:  $425   for both Parts 1 & 2  (11a-5:00p both days) 

Open to: M.D.s, G.P.s, Physios, T.C.D's, Chiros, O.D.s & Massage Therapists

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  PHONE:  0411.834.636